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Wed 23 July 2008
Almost everyone I have spoken with has inquired about you. They ask, "Who was that ninja photographer? Everywhere we were, so was she." I just don't know how to thank you.
Erica Gonzales, Sambuca Events/Crystal Ballroom and Bride
Wedding and Portrait Photography Client

Thurs 10 January 2008
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the pictures...Finally had copies for each of the attendees and I've heard nothing but positive remarks since. They were wonderful--and you really did get some pretty good close shots of many, including myself who hates seeing pictures of myself. The couple shots were also good and am now waiting to hear if their wives had comments.  Again, thank you for doing this for us and I will share how good a job you did with others ...
Jean Puig, MCFA, Event Photography Client

Fri 7 December 2007
You did an awesome job....Everyone is talking about how great the slide show was to have, GREAT IDEA!!! ...Thank you!!!!
Tammy Follmer, Lamar Tower Photo, Website and Presentation Client

Thurs 19 January 2006
Everyone participating in the wedding commented on how easy the photographer was to work with!
Janet Rose, Wedding and Portrait Photography Client

Wed 18 January 2006
Thanks for everything!  Everybody loved the pictures of [our son]. I am looking forward to having some family shots taken.
Elizabeth Rainwater, Portrait Photography Client

Tues 20 December 2005
Everything turned out perfect.  You did a great job!!  Everybody loved it!!
Jamie Kreifels, Multimedia Presentation Client

Tues 13 December 2005
Just wanted to say great job on the pictures of the wedding.
Derek Howard, Wedding Party Participant

Tues 22 November 2005
This was a tough decision.  Too many cute pictures to choose from.  I will need 80 4x6's.  Thank you...!
Holly Taylor, Portrait and Event Photography Client

Fri 1 July 2005
The photos of [our son's] party are great. Could you take pictures at [our daughter's] birthday party...[and our other son's] baptism?
Megan Schroeder, Event Photography Client

Tues 28 Jun 2005
Everything turned out really nice for the wedding. I was very pleased.
Wed 29 Jun 2005
The 16x20 looks fabulous...turned out perfect. Thanks for all your help. It was greatly appreciated.
Lisa Pechacek, Wedding and Portrait Photography Client

Wed 01 Jun 2005
Thanks for the great job at our wedding. Several of the guests mentioned how impressed they were with your professionalism.  Thanks.
Jonathan Kreb, Wedding Photography Client

Sun, 15 May 2005
We got the birthday party/reunion CDs...and they are great!  I think Wynell told you how much we like them...  Thank you so much for your skill and effort on our behalf.  We are just now beginning to enjoy the pictures and it's going to last a long time!
Richard Ogden, Event and Portrait Photography Client

Tue, 10 May 2005
You are so talented. I love the logo. I can't think of anything I would want to change...  For now, it is perfect.
Tue, 24 May 2005
Rachel, I can't tell you how nice it's been to have you working on the websites. The Trim Deluxe one is great but more importantly it is so nice to have my Weatherstone website updated and to know that whatever I need on it is an email away. If you treat all of your clients like you do us you are going to be extremely successful.
Jeff Moore, Weatherstone Homes, Inc. and Trim Deluxe, Website Client

Sat, 26 March 2005
Thank you so much for coming up and documenting our day. I know we will cherish the pictures you took forever, and getting to spend time with you and get to know you a bit makes me understand why Penny and David have told me you are so special!  Looking forward to seeing the pictures and sharing them with those that didn't make it to the party.
Fri, 13 May 2005
The pictures are great. I have looked and looked at them. Richard loves them too.  Love you, love your work!!!
Wynell Ogden, Event and Portrait Photography Client

Tue, 19 Oct 2004
Hey Angela - take a look at Rachel's website and click on the photography link. If you want to see awesome work she did for us, come by my office tomorrow and I will be sure to have the pictures. Rachel recently took our family photos which blew away the last round we had taken.
Ronnie Anderson, Event and Portrait Photography Client

Mon, 29 Nov 2004
Julie--Here is Rachel's email address. You will love her--she is awesome.
Wed, 17 Nov 2004
We love the photos. The birthday ones are great. I am about to send some out to the guests with thank you notes. I am sure you will get lots of calls. The disks look great.Thanks again for all of your good work and for your friendship.
Tues, 3 Sept 2002
I know this seems early, but I was thinking about [our son's] birthday party in December.  We know that your calendar will book quickly during that time of the year, so we wanted to book you early. I sure hope that you can take the pictures—you are so good! We just love the other pictures. Thank you again.
Wed, 7 Aug 2002
Thank you so much!!  We love the pictures.  They turned out so well, and the colored photos are so vibrant..  I cannot tell you how happy we are with them.  I will share them with all our friends and recommend you for their future work.
Nicole V. Perdue, Event and Portrait Photography Client

Mon, 22 March 2004
I thought you might be interested in seeing the dust jacket for Jim Perdue's new book, which is now on press. Thanks again for letting us use that great photo.
Wed 16 Jun, 2004
Thanks again for your wonderful photo of Jim. It's made all the difference in our marketing plan.
Michael Ambrose, Editor-Books & Systems for the State Bar of Texas

Tues 6 April, 2004
The photos are great as usual.  I ordered 80 5x7's!!
Mon 5 April, 2004
The photos turned out fantastic.  It has been fun working with you over the years.
Wed 26 Feb, 2003
The pictures turned out fantastic and the book of pictures makes a great presentation - very easy to order from too.  Thanks again for the great work!
Patti Hefley, AIM Investments, Inc., Event Photography Client

Thurs 21 Feb, 2002
We have ALOT of reprint requests.  Following is a 2 page list of requested reprints.  Thanks so much again.  You really were a hit.  I have given your name and number to many people who requested it after looking at your work.
Stephanie Horrejon, AIM Investments, Inc., Event Photography Client

Tues 6 April, 2001
Thanks for your help.  I really enjoy working with you.
Debbie Elias, AIM Investments, Inc., Event Photography Client and
Elias Events, Wedding Photography Client

Thurs 4 Dec, 2003
Thanks so much.  It is so hard to pick out ones to enlarge because there are so many good ones.
Mon 1 Dec, 2003
We are very happy with the photos and are trying to narrow it down for reprints.  I appreciate everything.  Thanks.
Megan Ultis, Wedding Photography Client

Tues 23 Sept, 2003
Thank you for all that you have done.  We are so proud of our pictures.
Courtney Sisk Warzon, Wedding Photography Client

Tues 6 Aug, 2002
Got the pics. They are great! Thanks for the good work and generous gift of your time and talent.
Thurs 13 April, 2000
The new website is quite impressive.  I know you will get some business out of it as it is the most impressive legal (law firm) website. 
Jim M. Perdue, The Perdue Law Firm,
Website Client and Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography Client

June 2001
Thanks! Everything has been great.  Hope we get a chance to use you for [our other daughter's wedding] someday.
Barbara Charba, Wedding Photography Client


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